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The need and desire to undergo training and further training are gaining importance for everyone in modern society. The necessity to learn anew, to rethink what has been learnt before and to accept the need for further training has been recognized by all industrialized nations. 
It affects practically everyone employed in industry, whatever their function(s) or hierarchical level may be. Distinctions are made only by the difference in the subject matter of training, and by the depth or intensity to which the contents of such subject matter are developed. 
Model illustrations of how to plan the time spent at work overall in a technological industry, which provide for periods of “regular working time” and periods of “training and further training”, may well prove to be realistic in the near future.
Realizing the necessity to learn afresh and to continue the process of learning does not immediately lead to the initiation of training programs. 
Research and development is carried out at a high degree of intensity, but training in new technologies generally commences with a time-lag which is too long. ​
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